Adams Road

Object: To move the entire group across the cable one at a time.

All Aboard

Explanation: Get the whole group on the platform without any body part touching the ground for a set number of seconds.

Electric Fence

Explanation: To get the entire group over the high voltage wire without touching the side of the element using limiting materials.

Giants Finger

Explanation: Lift the tire over the top of the pole, touch it to the ground and put it back over the top of the pole.

High Roller

Explanation: To move all group members over the wheel.

Nitro Crossing

Explanation: The participants place themselves on either side of the activity. The team's objective is to transport one member at a time to the landing zone without touching the center zone. Both team members must be balanced on the landing platform with both feet, to complete the element. The team may only use what they have with them as resources to reach the rope. Leaping, jumping will result in the entire team having to restart the activity.

Spider's Web

Explanation: A large web of string with various shapes and sizes of holes that are set-up beside each other forming a spider web. The objective for the group is to establish a goal for the maximum number of people they can pass through the spider web.

The Wall

Explanation: The objective is to get everyone up and over the wall. The wall is 12′ high wooden wall. The activity is declared complete when each participant has safely ascended and descended the wall.

Tire Traverse

Explanation: The Tire Traverse, also called the Swinging Tires, utilizes several (typically 4-6) tires that are suspended from a horizontal cable that is just about 12 feet above the ground overhead. The object is for each participant to move from one end to the other with out touching the ground.

Trust Fall

Explanation: Trust Falls requires participants to rely on their group as they fall back from a platform and are safely caught in by their teammates' arms.

Wild Woozy

Explanation: Two diverging cables are suspended (in a V shape). The objective is for two participants to work their way down the V shape cables. Each partner stands on one of the cables, facing the other on the opposing cable. Clasping each other's hands, then move along the cables. Ultimately, with spotting from the rest of the group, the pair travels as close to the ends of the cables as possible.

High Rope Element

Power Pole (Excerpt adapted from Challenge Options Inc. training manual)

Object: Participants climb a vertical pole, attempts to stand on the top of the pole, and makes an attempt to jump out and grab a bar hanging a few feet away.

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