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KU Students who are currently enrolled on the Lawrence campus are automatic members of the Amber SRFC, regardless of the number of enrolled hours, with the membership based on payment of the Required Campus Fee for the current semester. Students should check their Enroll & Pay account to confirm payment of this fee for the current term.

KU students who are currently enrolled on the KU Edwards Campus or at the KU Medical Center (KUMC) are eligible to purchase a membership to the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center on the Lawrence Campus.  These students are not assessed the Required Campus Fee for the Lawrence Campus.  Currently enrolled students must bring KU Photo Identification with them to the ASRFC Administrative Office.  Verification of current enrollment status will occur prior to purchase and activation of membership.  Verification may not be immediate.

*KU Edwards Campus & KU Medical Center students do not have access to the Robinson Center and are not eligible to participate in Intramural Sports or the Sport Club Program.