Personal Training Policies


  • Form(s) and fees are required before personal training sessions may begin.
  • Clients will be asked to update their medical history and informed consent forms annually and medical clearance as needed.  If your health changes before the annual update, it is your responsibility to update your health history.
  • Personal training sessions expire one year from the date purchased.
  • Personal training sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, refunds will be issued for medical reasons only and must have a doctor's note.
  • We are not a HIPAA entity, but all information is private and confidential.
  • We do our best to accommodate requests as we consider the trainers' and your availability and match your goals to the trainers' strengths.  Unfortunately, some requests may not be fulfilled. 
  • We seek to offer inclusive and accessible programs, equipment, and facilities.  If you have any questions or are seeking accommodations, please email in advance

  • Please be respectful of your trainer's time and effort to prepare for your session: Cancellations should be given at the clients’ earliest convenience (more than 24 hours in advance).  Session will be rescheduled if possible.  Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will result in the loss of the session and fee.  Clients who no-show will also be charged a session.
  • Clients who frequently cancel sessions last minute and/or do not attend their scheduled session will be charged a session for each occurrence.  To reduce the likelihood of missed sessions, clients may be asked to move their training time, reduce the number of times they're training each week, and/or lose the ability to train with their trainer (future sessions will be cancelled even if sessions remain).  To avoid, please communicate in advance with your trainer and take proactive steps to respect your trainer's time.  For example, if you're getting busy, reduce the number of days trained, adjust the time you're training, or pause training.

  • Personal Trainers are not allowed to prescribe meal plans to their clients. Nutritional information/guidelines may be discussed and general information about nutrition will be provided even if a trainer has a nutrition certification.  Please talk to a Registered Dietitian for specific nutrition advice, meal plans, and food sensitivities. 

  • If dissatisfied with your personal trainer, you may request to be paired with a new trainer. There is no additional cost to obtain a different trainer.

Personal training at the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center (ASRFC) may be provided only by those individuals who are specifically employed by ASRFC for that purpose. Anyone who is not an ASRFC staff personal trainer and is observed or suspected of conducting outside personal training may be approached and questioned regarding their activities.  Any of the following or related behaviors may attract such questioning:

  • Assisting a participant with technique, or any specific instruction, but not exercising with that individual during all portions of the workout.
  • Writing and/or designing a fitness or workout program for a participant.
  • Explaining and providing exercise directions to a participant or group of participants.
  • Directing exercise order or duration for a participant.
  • Meeting with the same participant on a frequent basis or multiple participants on the same day.
  • Getting and returning weights for a participant.
  • Directing a participant around the room and telling them what to exercise next.
  • Receiving payment from another individual for an exercise session.

If an ASRFC staff member concludes that this policy has been violated, both the trainer and patron may be asked to leave the ASRFC.

ASRFC cannot adequately control and has no responsibility for the quality of personal training from individuals that are not employed by the ASRFC. These individuals may not have adequate academic background, national certifications, or training, ability, or experience to properly train clients. The use of the ASRFC for outside personal training also is in direct competition with the personal training service that the ASRFC offers.

Repeat violations of this policy may result in suspension or permanent loss of ASRFC privileges and submission of your name to the Student Conduct Officer for possible further sanctions under the Student Code.