Cycling is  a fee-based service, which is part of the KU Fit classes. A KU Fit pass is required to take participate in unlimited amount of Cycling classes, including all KU Fit group fitness classes during the specified times and dates. Participants must check-in at the beginning of each class by presenting their KU ID or entering their KU ID number on a keypad.

There are 12 Keiser M3+ bikes per class. Bikes are on a first come, first serve basis. Saving bikes for friends is not allowed.
cycling class

Cycling Policies

  • Food and drink are NOT allowed in the Cycling Area except for water.
  • Aerobics Studio closes 15 minutes proper to class starting.
  • Only authorized staff is to operate audio equipment.
  • Cycles may not be removed from their storage location.


Please Do:

  • Cycle between 60-110 RP for your safety.
  • Ask a CRT or KU Fit Instructor to help you fit the cycle to your optimal position.


Please Do Not:

  • Pedal backwards. This will break the machine.
  • Remove cycle saddle.
  • Cycle with feet out of the pedal cages.
  • Cycle with extremely heavy resistance, causing minimal rotation.
  • Cycle with body behind the seat.
  • Rest the entire body on the front handlebars.
  • Use the cycle to aid in stretching.
  • Leave the resistance knob in the off/lock position. This messes up the calibration.