Former Students

(Fall 1998 to Summer 2003 ONLY)

Former students who paid the Required Campus Fee anytime during the time frame of Fall 1998 and Summer 2003 are eligible for membership.  These individuals will receive access (i.e. membership at no cost) for each semester they were enrolled at the KU-Lawrence Campus and paid the Required Campus Fee during the aforementioned time period.  Verification must occur before the KU Photo ID or ASRFC Photo ID is activated.  Membership cards and enrollment verification are available in the ASRFC Administrative Office 103.  At times of verification of past enrollment, information may not be immediate.  Memberships must be reactivated for each semester of intended use.  Former student semesters are non-transferable. 

*Summer memberships count as half a semester*

*Former student members do not have access to the Robinson Center and are not eligible to participate in Intramural Sports or the Sport Clubs Programs.*