Equipment Rental

Summer Hours of Operation

Mondays and Fridays 3:30pm-6pm


Outdoor Pursuits operates to provide the University of Kansas and Lawrence community the opportunity to rent outdoor equipment. Outdoor Pursuits offers different types of camping, backpacking, and other outdoor equipment to rent to Students, Faculty and Staff.


Questions? Email us at

How it works

  • Gear must be returned by close of business on the day it is due.

  • Equipment rented for a weekend rate can be picked up on Friday and is due back on Monday.

  • Equipment rented for a week is due back one week after the original check out date (i.e. Checked out on Friday, due back the following Friday)

Equipment Rental Rates and Fees

2-person tent: $3/day, $6/weekend, or $15/week

4-person tent: $4.50/day, $9/weekend, or $22.50/week

5/6-person tent: $6/day, $12/weekend, or $30/week

Small dry bag: $0.75/day, $1.50/weekend, or $3.75/week

Life jacket: $1/day, $2/weekend, or $5/week

Large dry bag: $1.50/day, $3/weekend, or $7.50/week

Canoe: $9/day, $18/weekend, or $45/week

Inflatable Paddleboard: $7/day, $14/weekend, or $35/week

Inflatable Kayak: $9/day, $18/weekend, or $45/week

MSR camp stove: $3/day, $6/weekend, or $15/week

MSR cook set: $1/day, $2/weekend, or $5/week

Propane stove: $2.50/day, $5/weekend, or $12.50/week

Fuel bottle (empty): $0.50/day, $1/weekend, or $2.50/week

Chest Cooler: $3/day, $6/weekend, or $15/week

Sleeping bag: $2/day, $4/weekend, or $10/week

Sleeping pad: $1/day, $2/weekend, or $5/week

Climbing shoes: $5/day, $10/weekend, or $25/week

Backpack: $3/day, $6/weekend, or $15/week

Hammock: $2/day, $4/weekend, or $10/week

$5 per day for each day the rental is late (fee is per item)

All equipment must be returned clean and in good condition with all parts or a $20 cleaning fee will be charged. If equipment is returned without all the parts, a replacement fee will be assessed. This includes gear subjected to rain or water.

Staff can provide a complete list of replacement and damage fees. Most common fees are for tent stakes and sleeping pad fasteners. Please don't lose them.