Woman climbing rock wall

Outdoor Pursuits

The Outdoor Pursuits program offers two levels of equipment rental for hiking, camping, and canoeing. At the bottom of the stairs, you may access the Chalk Rock to the right or our Rental Office to the left. The Outdoor Pursuits program includes outdoor equipment rentals, indoor rock climbing, and team building opportunities.

The ASRFC "Chalk Rock" is a 42-foot tall climbing wall that consists of six belay lines, dynamic ropes, Gri-Gri belay devices, and well-trained staff members. The 12-ft bouldering wall wraps around two of the walls and incorporates an arch around two structural pillars.

Check out Outdoor Pursuits when you’re planning your next journey. Happy Adventuring!

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  • 785-864-1843

  • outdoorpursuits@ku.edu

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