Outdoor Pursuits FAQs

Outdoor Pursuits is located on the bottom floor of the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center in Room #1. When you enter the Ambler SRFC, make your way downstairs. Once downstairs, follow the sign to Outdoor Pursuits, Room #1.

Equipment is minimally priced for daily, weekend, or weekly rates. See rental rates for prices.

No, not at the moment. However, we are working on a reservation policy that we hope to have up and running soon.

Equipment can be rented for daily, weekend, or weekly time frames. You can pay an additional daily rate to rent it for longer periods of time.

No. You must be present at time of reservation and rental. You can only use your own ID and can only pick up equipment under your own name.

Yes. Equipment rental is open to the University of Kansas campus community.

Yes. Equipment is available on a first-come-first-serve basis unless it has been reserved and paid for.

Contact Outdoor Pursuits at 785-864-1843 for group rentals.

No. The individual who reserves the equipment must pay for it at time of reservation and must be the one to sign for it at pickup. This prevents any problems that may arise with broken, lost, or stolen equipment.

Yes. Outdoor Pursuits checks all equipment before issuing; it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with set up and use of stoves, tents, and other equipment.

Equipment breaks from time to time. Let an Outdoor Pursuits staff know as soon as you discover the problem. Outdoor Pursuits will try to replace the equipment if possible. It is recommended that you and Outdoor Pursuit’s staff set up all equipment to avoid any of these types of problems.

Charges will be assessed if neglect, abuse, or misuse of equipment is determined.

No, the individual who rented the equipment is responsible for returning his or her own equipment.

No. You must return the inventory number that you signed for. If you return a different number it will be returned to the person with that number. You will still be responsible for your individual equipment.

You can pay by check, cash or credit card to Outdoor Pursuits. You will be contacted by the Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator for payment.

Please do not wash sleeping bags. We disinfect all bags and wash them in a special washing machine. Sleeping bag liners are available for check out with all sleeping bags if you wish. 

All equipment must be retuned on the return date. A charge will be assessed each day that the equipment is late. Up to the replacement cost of the equipment.

It is recommended that you hang and dry all equipment before return. If equipment is extremely wet or dirty a $20 cleaning fee per item will be charged.