Rental Rates

The Outdoor Pursuits rents camping equipment for the occasional weekend camping to the more extreme multi-day backpacker. The Outdoor Pursuits staff can assist in selecting the appropriate equipment for any outdoor adventure. Please contact us for a printable version of the equipment rental list.

Equipment Rental Rates

2-person tent: $3/day or $9/week

4-person tent: $4.50/day or $13.50/week

5/6-person tent: $6/day or $18/week

Paddle: $1/day or $3/week

Small dry bag: $0.75/day or $2.27/week

Life jacket: $1/day or $3/week

Large dry bag: $1.50/day or $4.50/week

Canoe: $9/day or $27/week

Inflatable Paddleboard: $7/day or $21/week

Inflatable Kayak: $9/day or $27/week

MSR camp stove: $3/day or $9/week

MSR cook set: $1/day or $3/week

Propane stove: $2.50/day or $7.50/week

Fuel bottle: $0.50/day or $1.50/week

Small cooler: $2/day or $6/week

Medium cooler: $2/day or $6/week

Large cooler: $3/day or $9/week

Sleeping bag: $2/day or $6/week

Sleeping pad: $1/day or $3/week

Climbing shoes: $5/day or $15/week

Backpack: $3/day or $9/week

Hammock: $2/day or $4/weekend or $6/week