Sport Club Donations

KU Endowment Association

The Endowment Association is considered a public charity, thus qualifying as an independent tax-exempt organization under Section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, because of its mission to support the activity of the University of Kansas which is a recognized tax exempt purpose.


With one of KU's missions being to support the activity of the University of Kansas it is of no surprise that recreation programs drive initiatives of health and wellness. Sport Clubs is no stranger to improving the health and wellness of athletes throughout different phases of an individual's time in the sports industry. Whether the interest is to get involved on campus, leisure play, building skillsets on or off the field, court or water or of high competition, the Sport Club Program aims to provide an avenue of opportunity. But involvement in a Sport Club is a unique experience in which the students/athletes are responsible for the organization and operation of their club with the support of the Sport Club Program staff. Given all the aspects of operations this feat cannot be done without the support of generous donors. The role donors play for our clubs is invaluable and any amount donated is greatly appreciated. 


Please see the list below to donate to a Sport Club of your choosing through the KU Endowment Association. Thank you for your support, Rock Chalk!