Off-Term Students

Students who are not currently enrolled, but were enrolled in the previous semester and are planning to enroll in the upcoming semester are eligible to purchase a membership to the ASRFC.  A semester is considered the Fall or Spring terms of the academic year.  

Verification of previous semester enrollment MUST occur prior to the purchase of membership for a maximum of 1 term only.  After the purchase of the membership, the student is no longer eligible for this membership option in the future. 

*Off-Term Students are not eligible to participate in Intramural Sports or the Sport Club Program.*

Steps to purchase a membership (First time)

  • Visit the administrative office and bring your KUID to process a membership
    • For hours the administrative office is open, click here

Steps to purchase a membership (Renewals)

  • Visit the administrative office and bring your KUID to renew your membership -or- 
  • Register your account on, clicking Sign-in at top right-hand corner and clicking "sign up" to create an account