Learn to Belay

Get your belay certification, and climb with your friends, without having to wait for Outdoor Pursuits Staff to belay for you. Our Belay Class teaches participants the essential skill of top-rope belaying. This includes climbing terminology, equipment inspection and usage, proper knot tying, safety commands, and belay technique.

The Belay Class covers:

  • Pull Break Underhand Slide (PBUS) Belay Technique
  • Gri-Gri belay devices
  • Proper use and tie-ins of harnesses
  • How to tie a Figure 8 Follow Through knot
  • How to use the floor anchor system
  • Belay commands

Participants must complete the Belay Class and wait until the next Class/Test day before taking the associated competency test.

Questions? Reach out:

  • 785-864-1843

  • outdoorpursuits@ku.edu

How to Sign Up

Belay Classes and Belay Tests are offered every Sunday and Wednesday at 5pm at the Chalk Rock Climbing Wall. 

  • Visit the KU RecStore
  • Click “Sign In” on the upper right corner.
  • Click KU Login when prompted.
  • Sign in using your normal KU Single Sign on info.
  • Click Belay Class or Belay Test depending on what you were looking to register for. If you are wanting/needing to sign up for both, start with Belay Class.
  • Determine the appropriate date you want to register for and click “Register” to the right of that date.
  • Follow the remaining prompts to check out.

***Registration closes at 5pm on the date of the Class/Test.