Media Requests

Media Policy

  1. Activity areas past the turnstile and administrative offices are not open access areas for members of the media.
  2. The following full-time staff members can approve a picture/video request or conduct an interview on behalf of KU Recreation Services:
    • Macy Burkett - Marketing Coordinator
  3. If there is a request for pictures/video when office hours are closed, the Supervisor on duty will be able to approve the request.
  4. Pictures/video may not be taken in the locker rooms, family changing area or restrooms. Pictures of a broad or general activity area of the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center may be taken with individual participants in the background. When taking pictures/video of individual participants, their permission must be sought and received before pictures/video may be taken.
  5. Members of the media must be escorted by a Facility Supervisor when taking pictures/video.
  6. If a picture/video or interview request is made after 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday, approval may not occur until the next business day. Weekend requests will be handled on the first business day of the week.
  7. Each media member taking pictures must sign-in on the Media Sign-In Sheet and receive a media hang tag located at the Welcome Center before they enter through the turnstile to take pictures or shoot video.
  8. If taking a picture of a person, you must get their permission prior to taking the photo. They must sign a Model Release Form (available upon request).