New to the Rec?

The Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center is a place for ALL Jayhawks--whether you're a fitness enthusiast or someone interested in getting into light workouts for your general wellbeing. If you're new to the Rec, follow these suggested steps to begin your fitness and wellness journey.
David A. Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center

Step 1: Decide you want to work out

A great decision to have made! Visit us at the David A. Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center. Located
south of Watkins Health Center at 1740 Watkins Center Drive, next to
lot 90
Check-in to the Rec

Step 2: Check-In with Your KUID Card

When you enter the facility to work out, all you have to do is swipe your KUID card or enter your KUID number with the keypad at the Welcome Center. Staff will greet you with a smile and answer any questions you may have. You are also welcome to check out towels and other equipment here.
ASRFC Welcome Center

Step 3: Walk Around the Rec

Familiarize yourself with our facility by walking around on your own or by asking one of our Facility Supervisors (student staff in black "STAFF" shirts) for a tour. Tours are available anytime the building is open.
Indoor track at the ASRFC

Step 4: Take a Walk Around the Track

Our indoor track is a nice way to ease your way into fitness at the Rec and to see other spaces in the facility. The inside lanes are for walkers. Be sure to check which direction the track is moving on the days that you take your walks.
Cardio equipment in CRT2

Step 5: Try Out a Piece of Cardio Equipment in CRT2

We have treadmills, ellipticals, and Stairmasters on the first and second floor of the building, but the least populated area to use our cardio machines is on the second floor in CRT2. Start all of the cardio machines by pushing the green button. Take the main stairwell up to the second floor, and the cardio machines will be available there.
Machine Weights in CRT2

Step 6: Use the Machine Weights

Along with the cardio equipment, you will find a variety of machine weights on the second floor of the facility (and in other spaces). If you're unsure of how to use the machines, each one has a QR code video. You may also ask for assistance from an employee in a red "STAFF" shirt. Start with a light weight and a set of 10 repetitions.

If you want to a more thorough introduction to what the Ambler SRFC has to offer, you can sign up for a Fitness Fundamentals session at the link below.

Fitness Fundamentals

Chalk Rock climbing wall

Step 7: What to Explore Next

Once you feel more comfortable in our facility, try out some KU Fit group fitness classes, the Chalk Rock climbing wall, Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, and more. We also have personal trainers available to workout alongside you or to create fitness plans tailored specifically to your needs.

Your fitness and wellness journey is all about you and your needs or goals. Take it one step at a time, and you will gain confidence and comfort in the Rec. Stay in a step as long as you need until you're comfortable to move to the next step. Our staff is here to help you navigate your journey and help you exceed your goals! Simply moving your body every day can increase your mental wellbeing, decrease stress, and improve your focus and time management. We can't wait to see you soon at the Rec!