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Sign up for Personal Training at Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center! Information about our packages is listed below.

About Personal Training

  • Help you set both short and long term fitness goals.
  • Design a personalized exercise program to meet your goals that include cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training.
  • Provide you with motivation and accountability.
  • Ensure variety and enjoyment during each of your workout sessions.
  • Teach you proper form and technique for resistance training and other exercises.
  • Answer your questions about proper exercise, general nutrition, or goal setting.

KU Recreation Services offers Students, Faculty, Staff, Former Students, KU Affiliates, Retirees, Spouse and Domestic partners an opportunity to work with a personal trainer. To be eligible to personal train, an individual must be an ASRFC member. The 55-minute training sessions can be purchased individually or with partners.

  1. Complete a Health History & Consent Form. The forms can be picked up in the Administrative Office (Room 103) at ASRFC or request a PDF file to be emailed you by emailing the Personal Training Program Manager. On the Health History form, you may specify a trainers' name, type of training style, or your preference to train with a male or female trainer by writing this information on the line that says "do you have a trainer preference?"  Meet the Trainers now.  We will do our best to accommodate requests as we consider the trainers' and your availability and match your goals to the trainers' strengths.  Unfortunately, some requests may not be able to be fulfilled. 
  2. After reviewing your health history, the Personal Training Program Manager will contact you if medical clearance is required before personal training.
  3. Review the personal training policies.
  4. Submit form(s) at the ASRFC Administrative Office (Room 103) when providing payment for the personal training sessions to be placed on a waitlist.  You will be emailed when a personal trainer is available to train you.  When the personal trainer schedules your first session, pay for sessions. Cash, credit card, and check (written out to KU Recreation Services) are accepted.  Form(s) and fees are required before personal training sessions may begin. Keep the receipt for proof of purchase. Multiple sessions may be purchased at one time.

Personal Training Packages

Recreation Services offers a variety of personal training packages, including traditional personal training and a new service called Workout by Design, where clients obtain a 6-week workout to do on their own. Continue reading for details.

Workout by Design

A personalized and self-guided workout where a personal trainer creates a 6-week workout based on the client's goals and the client exercises following the workout plan.  The package includes a consultation with a personal trainer, 6-week personalized workout plan to guide the client to achieving their fitness goal(s), the trainer will review how to perform the exercises with client, and the trainer will periodically check-in with the client.  Clients can continue their progress by purchasing another round!  Workout by Design packages are listed below:

Type of PackageTotal CostNotes
Individual (just you)$65 
Duo (you and a friend)$42.50/personClients should have the same goal(s) and availability to meet with a trainer.  Clients must attend the consultation and review the exercises with a trainer together (separate meetings cannot be scheduled).

Traditional Personal Training

Clients work directly with a personal trainer 1 to 3 times a week to achieve their health and fitness goals. Recreation Services offers the ability for just you to train with a personal trainer (individual training); for you and a friend to train with a personal trainer (duo training); and for 3 to 6 people to train with a personal trainer (group training). Packages are listed below:

Individual Personal Training Packages and Prices

Individual PackagesTotal CostNotes
Fit4U Assessment$15Includes a body composition assessment and consultation
Fit4U Follow-Up Assessment$10Great to measure your progress every 4-6 weeks!
Starter Package$24Includes a Fit4U Fitness Assessment and one personal training session
1 Session$15Current clients only
3 Sessions$42$14/session
5 Sessions$68$13.60/session
10 Sessions$135$13.50/session

Duo Training

  • 2 people - must be purchased together
  • Ensure everyone is available to train at the same time.  
  • Sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • If only 1 client attends a training session, sessions will be deducted for both clients.
  • Sessions cannot be used for individual training.
Duo Personal Training Packages and Prices
Duo PackageTotal CostNotes
Starter Package$15.50/person 
1 Session$12.50/person 
3 Sessions$36/person$12/session
5 Sessions$59/person$11.80/session
10 Sessions$117.50/person$11.75/session

Group Training

  • Minimum of 3 people and maximum of 6 people.
  • Ensure everyone is available to train at the same time.  
  • Sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • A session will be deducted for each client even if an individual is absent.
  • Sessions cannot be used for individual training.
Group Personal Training Packages and Prices
Group PackagesTotal CostNotes
8 Sessions$64/personEach person pays $8/session
16 Sessions$112/personEach person pays $7/session

If you have any questions, please email Personal Training.