Fees differ for each sport, ranging from $21.58, $11.05, to no charge for individual/dual and some tournaments - please see the Calendar of Events.

If you forfeit a game, the captain will be suspended from all future Intramural Sports until the $11.05 Forfeit Fine is paid online. During playoffs, a forfeit will drop the team from the bracket.

Any team that receives 2 forfeits in the same season will automatically be dropped from that league and the tournament. Teams will still be accountable for the Forfeit Fine of the second forfeit. If a team fails to pay that second forfeit the team captain will become ineligible to participate until the fee is paid.

For league sports, teams may add an unlimited number of players to their roster at the game site during the entirety of the regular season or pool play.  Teams may not add players to their roster at game site during the playoffs.  Players joining the team at the game sire will not be added to the official roster by the Intramural Sports Staff.  It is the responsibility of the player to add himself/herself to the team's official roster.

Teams may add players to their official team roster via IMLeagues at any point in the regular season or at any point in the playoffs.  We encourage teams to invite league free agents to their team which are listed on the league page. Be sure that they meet all eligibility criteria before adding them to your roster.

Schedules, brackets, standings, and other important information can be found online at IMLeagues.