Equipment Accessibility

We have three pieces of cardio equipment and over 20 pieces of strength equipment which are accessible. These include: Upper Body Ergometer, Tricep Extension, Bicep Curl, Incline/Decline Presses, Upright/Seated Row, Shoulder/Bench Press, Lateral Row, Cable Motion Adj Cable Crossover and Dual Adj Pulley, Kinesis One, and Dumbbell Free Weights.

  • Two of our Upright Hand bikes have a removable seat, which allows access for a wheelchair.
  • There are many pieces of CRT (Cardiovascular Resistance Training) equipment that have movable parts that can be lowered in the event someone needs better accessibility to work out.
  • Each piece of our "Selectorize" equipment has a QR code that links to a YouTube video which demonstrates how that piece of equipment should be used.
  • Additionally, we have recently purchased the Sci Fit Step One and the Marpo VLT Rope trainer and the Core Stix.

Several parts of the BoxMaster can be lowered (or raised). There is also a place a wheelchair could move in closer for better accessibility. If needed, the bottom pads can be removed as well.

For those individuals who are not able to get all the way down on the floor to stretch, we have installed a mat that is off the ground. It is located upstairs on the track on the Oread side of the building.

The height of the speedbag can be adjusted for those who need to have it more accessible.

Table tennis, located on the first floor by the Racquetball Courts #1 and #2, is accessible from all sides of the table.

The Equipment Checkout has a lower ledge for easier accessibility.