Outdoor Pursuits - Jobs

Outdoor Pursuits Job Descriptions

Challenge Course Supervisor is responsible for on-site supervision and administration of various challenge course activities. Supervisor must be computer literate. Supervisor must be certified in CPR and AED or become certified within two weeks after being appointed. Course Supervisor is responsible for having equipment ready for all leadership and challenge course related functions. Supervision will include multiple groups, and activities that could occur simultaneously at the onsite facility. Other responsibilities will include working at the ASRFC climbing wall for activities or events. As a challenge course Supervisor the employee will facilitate teambuilding and outdoor education programs. The challenge course Supervisor will work to deliver a safe and high quality program for various groups, including any responsibility deemed necessary to insure that the participants will have a quality and exciting experience. Challenge Course Supervisor must have sound judgment, excellent communication, public relations, and problem solving skills. Supervisor must be able to work with the wide range of people who attended challenge course programs for various reasons and are able to comfortably work within a university setting. Supervisor must be flexible in programming and must be willing to adjust program activities based needs/skill level of the participants/groups. The Supervisor will also be responsible for programming in all areas pertaining to facilitation of climbs, teambuilding and challenge course elements, and any other responsibilities deemed necessary in assuring that the participants are provided with a quality experience. Supervisor must be a self motivated individual who is willing to work with various individuals/ groups in weather conditions such as heat, cold, and other extreme elements. Supervisor must be willing to work various hours including early morning, late evenings, weekends, and weekdays.

Assist Program Director in programming for and administration of Outdoor Pursuits Program. Program Manager must be computer literate. Program Manager will work mainly afternoon hours Monday-Friday, with some morning and evening, and various weekend hours. Program Manager must be certified in CPR or become certified within two weeks after being appointed. Involvement in a national recreation professional organization is encouraged.

Responsible for the daily operations of the Outdoor Pursuits Rental Center; weekday and weekend hours including morning, afternoon, and/or evening ; enforcing policies and procedures; instruction on use of and rental of outdoor equipment; managing a computerized inventory and cash draw software package. An Assistant must be certified in CPR or become certified within two weeks after being appointed.

Responsible for on-site supervision and administration of the rock climbing room and rock climbing equipment. Supervision will include multiple activities that can occur simultaneously. An Assistant will work mainly evening and afternoon hours Monday-Friday, various weekend hours, with possible early morning hours Monday-Sunday. An Assistant must be certified in CPR or become certified within two weeks after being appointed.

Individuals with intermediate to advanced rock climbing capabilities and experience in wall maintenance and route setting. In consultation with the Program Manger and/or Program Director, Route Setters will set routes on the Rock and Bouldering Walls.