Policies and Procedures - Facilities

Facility reservation requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of requested date(s) by clicking on the weblink Facility Reservation Request. It is highly recommended that facility reservation requests for larger scale events be submitted at least 4-5 weeks in advance of the requested date(s). Advance requests normally will not be considered until 4 weeks prior to the start of each semester.

Before KU Recreation Services will consider an event or registration request, the requester must first register the event with the Office of Event Management and Protocol. Please register your event/reservation before submitting a request to KU Recreation Services.

facility reservation request submitted does not guarantee approval of the request. If the event is approved from KU Recreations Services, a confirmation email will be sent to the contact person. 

A KU Recreation Services staff member will contact the person listed as the contact person for the requesting group. Availability, cost and policies will be discussed. The KU Recreation Services staff may also assist with the organization of tournament brackets and rules.

Area policies and event policies will be communicated to the contact person of requesting group/organization. It is the responsibility of the contact person to communicate with group or organization.

After the event, an invoice will be sent within 30 days via email from the University of Kansas to the contact person.

All organizations and groups not affiliated with the University of Kansas renting activity space must provide a Certificate of Insurance to KU Recreation Services.

If for some reason, the event does not take place and KU Recreation Services is not notified beforehand, the individual/group is still required to pay the appropriate rental and staffing fees.