KU Fit Pass and Policies

The KU Fit pass for is currently $50 (Full Semester Pass), $25.00 (Half Semester Pass) and $3 (One Day Pass) allows participants to take part in an unlimited amount of KU Fit classes, including all cycle classes, during the specified times and dates.  

KU Fit Pass

  • PURCHASE & ACTIVATE. There are three different ways to purchase a KU Fit pass: At ASRFC, in the Admin Office (Room 103) or after hours at the Welcome Desk. The third option is to purchase online at our Rec Store:

    • Scroll down to and click "KU Fit Passes"

    • Select "Full Semester KU Fit pass"
  • USE. Participants will not receive a physical pass.  Instead, the pass is linked to your KU ID.
    • When attending a class at ASRFC (Aerobics Studio or 1941 basketball court) or a virtual class, participants check-in at the beginning of each class by presenting their KU ID.


  • Bring your own water bottle or empty water bottle to fill the bottle at the bottle filling stations.
  • If a participant has not activated a KU Fit pass, they will not be able to participate in classes.
  • Passes are only valid for a specific semester.
  • Membership is to the ASRFC is required to activate a KU Fit pass. 
  • Classes may be canceled if there are only 1 or 2 participants.