Specialty Classes

Specialty classes are not a part of the KU Fit class schedule.

  • Open to students, faculty, staff, and ASRFC members.  ASRFC membership is required.
  • They typically run for 6-weeks or 12 classes.
  • All classes have minimum and maximum participant requirements. Please check each class for those numbers.
  • Sign up for all of classes at the Admin. Office (Rm. #103) at the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center (ASRFC) or at recstore.ku.edu (see directions under "registration options").  Must be registered prior to participating.
  • Certain classes require a that you have a health history on file within the past year. If you've registered for one of these classes within the past year, provide any changes in your health in writing or complete a new health history form.


Summer 2021




  • A high intensity workout using bodyweight and minimal equipment.
  • Class size: 4-12
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 8 to July 29 from 12:00-12:45 pm led by Jaden S.
  • Location: Most likely Aerboics Studio and 1929 Basketball Court
  • Registration is open
  • $70
  • Requires an annual Health History Form (PDF)​


Registration Options

  • Register in the admin office or online (select specialty classes -> select appropriate semester -> Fit45)
  • Purchase a one class pass* for $8 from the admin office or online (select memberships -> Fit45 One Class Pass) to try a class out!

Detailed instructions for registering for Fit45 online (does not include purchasing a Fit45 One Class Pass):

  • Go to website
  • On landing page, top right corner, click log-in and log in via your single sign on credentials
  • On landing page, click on “Specialty Classes (Programs),” bottom left corner icon
    1. Under classification, click on “Specialty Classes (Programs),” classification bar on left side
    2. Click the appropriate semester 
  • Specialty classes will appear, Fit45 is the last option.
    1. Click on the offering
    2. Click on Register
      1. Will “create registration”
      2. Read through waiver, click on gray box for signature
      3. Draw signature with mouse, click save
      4. Re-direct back to waiver page, scroll down and click “Sign Now”
    3. Shopping cart will appear, click checkout (blue button)
    4. Are you sure? Click checkout
    5. Redirects to payment page then complete payment page and click submit

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Summer 2021 6.7 - 7.30
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