KU Fit

Approximately 25-35 classes are offered each semester. Cardio, strength, dance and mind body sessions are scheduled through out the week in order to promote a healthy, balanced and fit mind and body.

Those wishing to participate in KU Fit sessions must have a KU Fit Pass. In order to get a KU Fit Pass, participants must come to the administrative office, sign a waiver of liability and purchase a KU Fit Pass. KU Fit passes are valid for any class on the schedule through out the entire semester or session (except the single session pass). Pass options are listed on the website.

The difficulty level of each class is listed in the class description along with the schedule and instructors provide modifications.

KU Fit instructors have all been through a semester long, in-house instructor training program that starts with the basics of group fitness and breaks down each format that is offered at KU Recreation Services. Upon completing the program, trainees audition and spend one semester co-teaching with an experienced instructor. Once hired, instructors are required to obtain a national fitness certification within one year of hire date.  Instructors may also seek certification through a national organization or may go through an in-house workshop.

All full time KU students are eligible to become a KU Fit Instructor. Each person wishing to become an instructor at KU Recreation Services must take the instructor training program that is held every semester. At the end of the instructor training program, students may audition for a position. Those who are already certified and/or have prior experience in teaching group fitness may audition without taking the program. Please contact Tiffany Sanders, our Fitness/Wellness Coordinator with questions regarding the KU Fit Instructor Training Program or becoming an instructor.