How to Start Your Fitness Journey


The gym can be a scary place to those first starting their fitness journeys but it does not have to be. Many people tend to avoid the gym because they feel like they will be judged for what they do at the gym. However, with all that anxiety slowly disappears once you start getting into a routine. 

Establish Your Goals

When first starting out it's best to think about what you actually want to accomplish with your time spent at the gym. You want to be able to set not only long term goals but also short term ones as well. Having goals to work towards can be used as a way to motivate yourself to actually stay accountable and continue to go to the gym.

Make a Schedule

As someone who struggles with keeping myself accountable for actually going to the gym I have found that having a schedule can actually make a difference. By creating a schedule you are establishing a routine that can work as a way of keeping you accountable but can also help you not overwork your muscles especially when they are not used to different exercises.

Find a Workout Buddy

It's never easy to start working out regularly when it might be something that you are beginning for the first time. However having a friend there with you is a great motivator to help keep you going. Going to the gym with someone else is not only a way to keep you motivated but also keep you accountable since most people don’t tend to want to let a friend down. 

Work at Your Own Pace

No matter if you are one day into your fitness journey or six years into it the most important thing to remember is to work at your own pace. A lot of people think they must keep up with what those around them do and how much weight they use. But trying to keep up with others is a way to only hurt yourself, your fitness journey should not be about anyone but yourself no matter the pace.